[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


Does the error appear in live mode or just after compiling the apk?


on live, but disappear after a refresh


resolution of the bg header on the menu?


previously mentioned issues with typography files seem to have disappeared magically today… no issue at all with that so no need to send you the test aia

but there is another thing that I have noticed…

Using Sidebar V2 (paid) and FAB (paid) of yours together seems to have a problem.

I first create FAB and set it visible , then I create the Sidebar.
The problem is that the FAB is not created at all if I create items in this order.

If I first create the Sidebar and then create FAB and set it visible, then FAB is created but then FAB is (as expected) above the Sidebar…

Any suggestion on how to make this work properly?


no icons just icon text showing :sweat:


How can I upload an image stored on my mobile phone or through a URL into the component?


The downloads and then you create the sidebar


I’ve tried, but it does not load images from outside the project.


That’s not possible, just load images from the assetes


What is then /AppInventor/assets in root of internal storage, inside the project? this is the path that companion sends the assets while developing (as you already know, I believe). The path of assets when compiling is elsewhere in the device, that is the reason for @Taifun creating PathToAssets block in his Tools extension… :wink:
you simply have to understand how the path of the file has to be for the extension to understand it…

In order to make it work for avatar image I had to create a hidden folder in rood of sdcard called “myApp” and put the image in there “avatar.png” so I needed to have /mnt/sdcard/.myApp/avatar.png as path.
BTW I choose hidden folder to avoid seeing the assets in my Gallery app. It is not necessary to have them hidden also.

Alternatively, why don’t you use the url of the image directly? @Andres_Cotes isn’t this possible like in Material Card extension?


just for the record: this block is relevant only for the webviewer, see also the documentation at https://puravidaapps.com/tools.php

Returns the path to the assets. This method is useful, if you want to access files from the webviewer component stored in the assets of the app. The method will return file:///android_asset/ in case the app is running after building the app as apk file and will return file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/ in case the app is running inside the companion app (development mode).

Note: this method will work only for the webviewer component. It does not make sense to use it for other components!



how to change direction right to left


sir can u share me the .aia file plz i want to learn more details about slidebar extation & color code



Hi, nice extension. Looks smooth. Is there still a free version of the extension? I need to test it



Any tutorial to use this extension? I can’t make the sidebar items responsive to clicks

Thanks in advance


Tutorial is already available in very first post of the topic along with documentation.

This is the extention preview:

Here is the documentation and tutorial:



Thanks the documentation is good. I know how to use it now. I appreciate it :v:


This documentation is for the previous version, @Andres_Cotes has not yet updated it for the V2 Update…


Thanks for the update. The intention was to get an idea how the extension works. So he should be fine.


very good application, but I have a problem, when I click on any option does not take me to the page that I put as I could get to take me to another page, thanks