[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018


no me aparece la opcion developers y no me aparece la imagen del sidebar


no me aparece ninguna opcion


Hi Andres,

Very useful function.

I downloaded the (extension) trial version and added to my AI2 project.
When I open the screen and click on the button that calls the sidebar1.start, the whole app gets stuck. The sidebar doesnot show up.

Does it come from the fact that I use AI2 instead of Thunkable ? Will I get the same result if I use the payable version
Will I face the same problem with the “action bar” you provide us with ?

Please advise


hi, i used the free extension and it looks great i can’t use the listed items as “redirect” to other page. Will this option available if i’ll buy the paid version? and this options too?




Oh, sorry but I didn’t read the document before :disappointed_relieved:


Sir please upgrade my old paid version help me


How to add social icons in sidebar extension ???


How to add custom icons in side bar or social icons


How did you added the seperators between items?


How can we add seperators in sidebar?


How to add separators


hello I have updated the free version can get the link in the QR Code


Nice update. Also try to make a bottom slider which is also popular and you can also try to top slider in future.



what is the last update in the paid version?


I’m already working on it in a couple of days I publish it


The new version will have to be re-paid or those people who purchased the paid sidebaar extension will get the free updates.


Usually the majority of the extension developers are providing paid extensions updates for free.
@Andres_Cotes is not an exception to this, as far as I know.



In this new version you can put hex colors or colors from the block palette