[Free] Extension Sidebar Navigation Update 12/04/2018

in my menu list i added totally 6 values , among them 3 are disappeared and 1 is set to right corner, how can i set this problem

Send me you block image

I think you have the names of the wrong icons you should check the typography documentation

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ok solved , thank you

when the sidebar menu is opened , and now to close the opened sidebar menu we can close by having a touch in part 2 , but how can we close by swiping in part 1

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you cant yet, maybe in an updated version this is implemented…

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Hi. @andrescotes, I have perceived that your sidebar does not look good in Tablets. To be more accurate, the texts and the icons do not get well alligned.

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no fue diseñada para tablets, no puedo realizar pruebas en tablets, con la acualizacion de el drawer layout pueda funsionar


Is it possible to use Listview.Elements as the ListItem? I’m trying to pull data from Firebase (Usernames to be precise) and display them as ListItem so that when the Menu button on the ActionBar Extension is pressed the Sidebar extension shows the Usernames
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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it would be handy to share some of your current blocks …

ListView.Elements are already a list so I believe you could use them as listitems in the block Call.Sidebar1.Start

something like this…??


These are my blocks currently
I’ve tried exactly that but in Companion it produces a Runtime error whenever i try to tap the menu button in the Actionbar1
Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘android.view.ViewPropertyAnimator android.widget.RelativeLayout.animate()’ on a null object reference.
I have checked and Development is Ticked (or On) for both Actionbar1 and Sidebar1
plus i have uploaded the MaterialIcons.ttf and Roboto-medium.ttf into the assets
What else could be causing that error?

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Send the AIA and I may help you.

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Que tamaño debe de tener la imagen para poder verla en el sidebar? haciendo pruebas la veo perfectamente pero al instalar el apk no se ve

debes desmarcar la casilla de develoment

I don’t have a development box option!

phone is not supporting that font may i get update version of that fonts?

I do not understand you please can you explain in a better way

.ttf fonts of your default setting is not supporting in some phones

no me aparece la opcion developers y no me aparece la imagen del sidebar