[Free] Extension OneSignalSend (Christmas Update) version4



When we add big picture then title or Message word is cut.
when using txttitle.text on title , message will not sent


it’s not the problem of extension, try to use the website you can see the same problem.
it’s adjusting message and picture to see both.

Can’t understand can you clarify.


Hi everyone!

Regarding the smallicon changing, I could do something really interesting by creating the transparent icons I wanted to show in my app, decompile the app and put them into the folder “res/drawable” were the “ya image” is and recompile it wih the “APK Easy Tool v.1.52 Portabe”. After that, I just wrote the name I gave to the icon in the smallicon option of the extention and it worked.


@Jerin_Jacob, thank you very much for your contribution and hardwork on this extension.

May I know if there is way to add in sendTags ?
source: https://documentation.onesignal.com/docs/android-native-sdk#section–sendtags-

or stateChanges.getTo().getUserId();
source: https://documentation.onesignal.com/docs/internal-database-crm

Thanks again.


Will look into it.


Hi, @Jerin_Jacob, will there be version 5 ?:grin:


entao, mais como vc esta obtendo o player_id do usuario do aplicativo?


the point is … we can’t get the player ID. that’s the major problem


Publique en la tienda android la aplicacion que recibe las notificaciones pero lamentablemente me da un error y ya no recibe mas notificaciones, el error es IlegalArgumentException

Alguien me podria ayudar??