[Free] Extension OneSignalSend (Christmas Update) version4



where i can get the small icons?
like an cam or star


Will look into it

Try using https://material.io/icons/
And set it as your app icon


Ok, thanks.


Thank you very much for the extension:smiley: I’m very happy to be able to develop my app with notification support.


How can I send Notification in specific condition ? because when I tried to send message every 3secs its just ignore the timer and then spam the notification… help please its the last step to our project


Thank you very much for the extension. I also need to send push notifications in IOS. I searched and found nothing for Thunkable & IOS. Do you have extensions to send and receive in IOS?


Not possible now to receive notification in ios.


Well, I created a post and I’m seeing if anyone could tell which data the OneSignal component of thunkable picks up. If someone on his team can tell us so it would be possible to get the PlayerID of the device with WebView (since I do not know how to create extension) and save it in Firebase so we can send notification to a single user. Can you help make this post have more reach?
I arrived at this stage, where I can register a device, however, and data is taken from the device and sent to OneSignal, and I did not find out what the data is.
Sorry my english, sou brasileiro.


I think, Google is providing a specific id for each device and when install app, onesignal creates another Id with this Google’s Id.
I also sucessed in creating a app in onesignal and since we are providing wrong id it was unable to send message.


The specific ID appears on the OneSignal site


Is there a way to get or receive the player id? (i.e. not looking at the webpage of onesignal)


You want to use other builders, thunkable dosent have feature of getting player id.


okey, so this is also not planned by you to add this into the extension - or is just not possible to do it?


I think , the major benefit of push notification is pushing message to specific user, not everyone in segment (like broadcast message to users) . Unless we can get playerID with onesignal extension like native app ( Xcode, Android Studio) can do, it seem to be not so useful


thanks its working


This is really useful for me. Why?

I created two interlink apps.
One “User App” and the other “Admin App”.

This Admin App creates a message and send that message using one signal extension to the User App. For example, I can send messages about news and updates.

Also, the User App can send a notification message using one signal extension to the Admin App after someone tried to register in that User App.

It is like my Admin App will always be notified of the actions of the User App.

So, Thank you very much Jerin_Jacob for this extension.


Can you post the .aia


With this plugin I can configure sound and vibration? I don’t see this options in the methods.


I will look into it.


Thank you. It will be very useful