[Free] Extension OneSignalSend (Christmas Update) version4



Ahh…I see. Nope, I’m not a founder, but I’m happy to help out around here whenever I can. If you have a feature that you’d like to see in a future version of Thunkable just create a topic in the #IWant category.


Ah, the badges you have made me thought so.
So, do you mean you can’t help with that feature as of now ?


Very Useful extension! Thanks @Jerin_Jacob


Correct me if I’m wrong, but your extension allows the user to send notifications, but not to add them to a group, right?


No, can’t add to group,
But you can send to specific segments

Segments in OneSignal

I will try to add message grouping option.

Jerin Jacob


I do not manage to make it works too + I have a runtime error

But, because I’m a newbie here, I think there is a lack of information for this extension.


HI @Ness_Ness,
Does your app have any subscriptions or any users ?


Unfortunately, no. I can’t figure out how to subsribe a user in OneSignal.
If I go to OneSignal to display all users, I can read this

I understand that it supposed to be “automatic” but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

And when I add blocks to display the answer from Onesignal, it displays “200” but no notifications.


Install at least one app with pushnotification component.Install it on your phone and open it.Now in onesignal website it will show 1 user.
Now try in live


Ok I understand now. Your extension only works on Thunkable + PushNotification. I was working on AI2 :persevere:
which does not have OneSignal “native” extension

Thanks for your help


Jerin Jacob


Hi Jerin, how to download version 4? I only have a png file to download on your link.



this works only on thunkable?


First you should install an app with onesignal component to recieve messages then try the extension to send messages.


excuse me @Jerin_Jacob i don’t understand this
please explain it and tell us how to use it


Try this aia
onesignalsend.aia (39.1 KB)

This is the blocks in it

It will result like this


Hi Jerin,

Is there a way to have current PlayerId inside the app, in order to send Notification to the other Player?

I have only two players in my app and want to send notifcations to Player2: “Player1 do this thing” and vice versa.


Obtaining player id is not possible in thunkable now, but on some other platforms.
And you can expect in future.


The icon is too much big XD