[Free] Extension Mqtt for websocket Arduino y Esp8266


Reviso por qué esa extensión la compile a hace mucho tiempo . compilo y publicó una nueva versión, también está [Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 9/10/2017 está extensión es funsional y no tiene el puente a web sockets , se conecta por puerto tcp/ip


Hola, hoy probé y funciono, muchas gracias.

Para conectarme a Amazon AWS, puedo usar la extensión Mqtt TCP/IP?



Si señor a cualquier broker con protocolo mqtt


Gracias, la compro en el link que mandaste.


Hola, ya la pague con Paypal, como puedo descargar la extensión?



Ya recibi el correo gracias, estoy probando la extension TCP pero se detiene al cargar en el 83%
y me manda el siguiente mensaje

Sending assets/external_comps/co.com.dendritas/classes.jar to companion.



How to change client id?


@Andres_Cotes Hi, I can’t connect to my cloudmqtt, I use your .iai file and your extension however when I try to test, I have nothing and of course I try to go through the websocket because it’s the free version as you can see on the screenshot. Can you help me ?


you must enable the tls box so you can communicate with the broker and have the password and password that is not enabled in the free version


I tried the MQTT extension for ESP and it works very well. Thanks.

  1. However it worked only on thunkable and on my old HTC one. Not on App inv 2. Is the Extn for thunkable only?
  2. When I tried it on my 2017 mob Samsung J7, ran it on Thankable app, it generated a Runtime Error (Attached)
    error.txt (5.3 KB)
    Pl guide me on what is wrong


You try cloudmqtt broker


Tried cloudmqtt websocket. No luck either on any phone. H’ever hivemq connects on only one phone


hi the extension connects to a tcp / ip port not to a websocket port and you must assign a different id for each device that connects to the extension if you use the same id only the last device will be connected


how to change client name /client id by using blocks


Tcp extensión have You chance valiente
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Thanks a lot for this extension. I got it works easily. One question: Is there a way to check MQTT server connection status?

Thanks again.


Paid version mqtt ws price 10 usd add login and password