[Free Extension] Keep screen on


Created a simple keep screen on Extension.
I am currently learning AIX Extension building for the past 2-3 months.
So created this one because i primarily use AppyBuilder gold. And there is no option for keep screen awake.

I know there are other extension screen tools which bundle this feature, But wanted to do my own simple version :slight_smile:

I have a few more Extensions i want to share in the near future.
One i am currently working on is Echo/mic to speaker with Pitch Which was featured on Mad robot Beta App inventor variant. I loved this feature but was never released as an extension so have compiled my own version of this which will release as a test soon :slight_smile:

Its very simple to use, Just place the Keep screen awake block on the screen Initialize of your project and it will keep screen on Whilst App is in focus on screen.

Anyhow If you would like to test my extension please download here

com.AppyKeepScreenOn.aix (5.5 KB)


Edited extension to Add Block to clear keep screen on flag,
So when Keep screen on block is used you can now toggle off again.

An example of use would be to use these blocks on a toggle switch “If switch on” Then tag Keep screen on, “If switch off” Then tag Keep screen on to off.


We need extensions like this, why! For permissions sometimes we need only a procedure and some extensions have a number of functions also need more permission to access,


Maybe you can also publish the java code for others to learn from just like you.


you could have found this feature in the KitchenSink component…

keep up the good work!


Hi, This one doesn’t require any specific permission, this.activity.getWindow().addFlags(128);

Just Adds the activity when called. Run once on Screen initialize,
Ive used a few Screen extensions in the past that had alot of things i didnt use, But would
sometimes still have a permission when not used.

This is just a solution for something i ran into when using AppyBuilder. And was tinkering with
Extensions so tried it :slight_smile:


Yup, will share the code if it will help anyone. Its a bit messy the code so will clean it up and post it here later on :slight_smile:


Ah yes. indeed. I was using another one from the list “Screen tools” or something like that but the links were down, and i deleted the project so thought i was stuck lol…

I posted another Extension i was working on for a while now. I think its stable enough to test.
Slowly getting the hang of making these :slight_smile:


Added new block to clear the Keep screen on flags.
You can now programmatically switch it off again so screen reacts with normal system timeout.