[FREE] Extension InfinityProgressBars (Version 2)



More Extension!!! your pageweb what is?




I’m new to mit app2 and even newer to your nice extension :slight_smile:
I have a question: what the slot called “showOnArrangement” is intended to be connected with?
I couldn’t find any example for this extension used in a real app.
Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.


Put the arrangement in which the loading progress want to show


How ?
can you show me an example


please give me this progressbar tutorial video or img link


Very nice and use full Extension…


that brain… so genius


Hello for those of us who are new, you could give us an example of how to use it.


Very good extension, but not able to set visible false. Am I missing anything.
I am able to set it true when I click a button. But not able to set if off after a click of another button.


Try also visible false the registered component for that.


I can’t do visible false to an arrangement because I have a label too. the lable is in the middle of the spinner progress bar.
I would like to visible false just the progress bar.


thank you. good job