[FREE] Extension InfinityProgressBars (Version 2)

More Extension!!! your pageweb what is?

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I’m new to mit app2 and even newer to your nice extension :slight_smile:
I have a question: what the slot called “showOnArrangement” is intended to be connected with?
I couldn’t find any example for this extension used in a real app.
Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.

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Put the arrangement in which the loading progress want to show

How ?
can you show me an example

please give me this progressbar tutorial video or img link

Very nice and use full Extension…

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that brain… so genius

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Hello for those of us who are new, you could give us an example of how to use it.

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Very good extension, but not able to set visible false. Am I missing anything.
I am able to set it true when I click a button. But not able to set if off after a click of another button.


Try also visible false the registered component for that.

I can’t do visible false to an arrangement because I have a label too. the lable is in the middle of the spinner progress bar.
I would like to visible false just the progress bar.

thank you. good job

this extension is not working properly in kodular

I have really no idea how to use this. What is to put into the slot? How does it go working?

I want Extension that List with Quantity Box … like zomato ?

and List have its own Hight and width properties.
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Can You Give Me It’s Source Code Please Please Please

Why can you explain?

does not turn off

Hide visibility.