[FREE] Extension InfinityProgressBars (Version 2)



Extension InfintyProgressBars


Updates Version 2

  • Removed property


  • Removed spinner from style and added as a new method.

  • Added three new methods

  • Bug fix and improvements.


This extension will help you to create progress indicators, inside arrangements of different types and animations.

Style Preview
RotatingPlane RotatingPlane
DoubleBounce DoubleBounce
Wave Wave
WanderingCubes WanderingCubes
Pulse Pulse
ChasingDots ChasingDots
ThreeBounce ThreeBounce
Circle Circle
CubeGrid CubeGrid
FadingCircle FadingCircle
FoldingCube FoldingCube
RotatingCircle RotatingCircle

2.Properties and methods


  • Set the progress bar color

  • Set progress styles
    • RotatingPlane
    • DoubleBounce
    • Wave
    • WanderingCubes
    • Pulse
    • ChasingDots
    • ThreeBounce
    • Circle
    • CubeGrid
    • FadingCircle
    • FoldingCube
    • RotatingCircle

    You can enter progress style name either in capital or small letters as above list.

    • Create a Styled progress bar


    • Create a spinner progress bar


    • Create a nougat boot animation type progress

    image nougat

    • Create a linear progress bar



    You can find all the styles from the information of extension



    Note : Actual aniamtions in apps will look different from above images

    3.Download extension from below image

    Version 1 - com.jerin.circularprogress.aix (83.0 KB)

    Version 2 - com.jerin.progressbar.aix (85.3 KB)

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    5.Report & suggest

    • Report if found bugs and errors, suggest new updates and stay connected.

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