[Free] Extension for Wolfram|Alpha

This is my second extension and it uses the Wolfram|Alpha API. Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that can answer requests. You can get a free API Key for up to 2,000 non-commercial API calls per month. You need to get an API Key here: https://products.wolframalpha.com/api/. Then set AppID to your appID and get started!

Visit the project’s GitHub page for all files

Known issues:

  • Some Short Requests don’t return a value although there is a simple answer in the Simple Requests API

2017-07-02: Initial release
2017-07-03: Added pictures, problem with the .aia file
2017-07-04: New extension version, still has problems with thunkable
2017-07-09: .aia can be imported (new blockly version was needed)
2017-07-10: different error message
2017-11-16: v1 released
2018-02-25: v2 released
2018-05-04: v3 released. Requests are now url encoded. Fixed issues with the request values


Am Glad you have taken the mantle of creating Extensions on APIs. I Hope More Extension developers looks into this as well

After uploading your example aia file. I got error in opening the project.

If you are introducing an extension, you have to show all blocks & give a description how they work… Although, great idea for an extension.

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Use something like this:

You are right, I could reproduce your error. It seems that some of my project are corrupt. See my topic here. I uploaded a new version, you might want to try again. Anyway, the .aia seems to work in AI2.

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Thanks for adding info.

Good news! I got the extension working! v1 should be live now.

v1 had problems with url encoded requests. This is not necessary. Got fixed in v2

v3 is out now! Requests are now url encoded and I fixed issues with the request values. Special thanks to @Roctetval for helping me debugging. He did find a bug in the API where the Short Results API does not return a short answer although there is a simple one in the Simple API, e.g. for the request x^3 - 4x^2 + 6x - 24 = 0

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Hello, thanks for this extension but could you show a demo on how to use this? I mean, how can I create a Google Assistant like app using this?

The demo project should be sufficient, I’m not going to make the whole app for you

Hi, sorry for bumping this conversation.
I just got into building apps with the app Inventor and am trying to make a pair of smart glasses with it(long story).
anyway I was wondering if anyone could help push me in the right dirrection with this addon as i want to either make a similar extension from scratch or edit the source code of this one to select different sections of the wolfram responses.

Any help would be greatly appricated and i understand if I should try and write my own version of this.