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  • Using this extension you can create a flipping menu.
  • The extension is created mainly focusing on sharing menu.
  • You can create a tooltip using this extension.
  • Note: When used with title bar it has some position problem


2.Methods, Events and Properties

  • addItem


  • text - Text to show on tabs*
  • textColor*
  • tabColor - Tab color*
  • Icon - Set icon on tab, recommended 48*48
  • Show


  • atComponent - Show near the component
  • itemDuration - Time in which each tab appears(in millisecond)
  • seperateLineColor - Color separating two tabs.(Note: Error in this variable)
  • animationType - Type of animation, by which each tab appear.
Animation types are


  • Events

  • ClickItem - Event raised after which clicked on flipping tabs


  • position - item number in the list
  • value - item text in the list

Preview Video


Note: When used with title bar it has some position problem

Thanks @nandu , @Gabriel_Egea , @andreash248

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  • Report if any bugs or errors found.
  • Contact me if you have any doubt regarding this extension.


You are doing great jobs with your extensions! I like them very much! And your prizes are more than fair!


Really nice extension you build! Keep working make, you are doing great!



@Jerin_Jacob great Extention and congratulations. Would it be possible to add an event to Close tooltip with a button click.



Hi @mannankhanabdul,
Yes possible, but FlipShare will show in front by making all other views back and without closing FlipShare you can’t acess other buttons.


Great :+1:


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Thanks for your support

Extension FlipShare now free

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Thanks @Jerin_Jacob :wink:


@Jerin_Jacob i have added the items while screen initialize and show the items after button click but getting the run time error “at least set one shareItem”. behind that items are showing.
i want to remove the error message.
How to fix it?


Put the add item block just before show block, check the AIA in the link for example.


very nice and useful extension, goodjob !!


supb Extension Jerin Bro


Thank you everyone!! Very helpful!! This is another great extension!!


Great extension, thanks


only works on thunkable?

because I try to use it in appybuilder and it gives me an error.


working perfect in appybuilder, maybe corrupt file. I downloaded again and work.


Great job @Jerin_Jacob , very nice and interesting :+1:
I tried to show flip with FAB and got this error, I solved using another component but I report the error to be fixed if it is possible.

There is the possibility of a next version where we can set the width of label or set multiline text?
Again great work.Thanks