[FREE] EXtension ExplosionAnimation for components






  • Explosion animation with circular dust effect for components.
  • Thanks @Andres_Cotes for clearing doubts about creating extensions.

The animation will look like this


  • ExplodeComponent


Create an explosion animation for a single component

  • ExplodeWithNew


Hide a component by animation and show another one with/without animation.





Note: Cons - This animation is not good for large aread components(eg : image in preview video)

com.jerin.explosion.aix (23.3 KB)

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Wow, cute effect thanks you for share.


Nice extention! Thank you :heart_eyes::relaxed:


Wonderful @Jerin_Jacob
How to show the component after explosion? I want to show the same component after explosion, please.


With the current available features it’s not possble.


I’m sure you can make it possible. Would you add this feature and update it, please?
I’m using it in my new app, it is really wonderful extension.


Since the library dosen’t contain the option I can’t be sure.


Thanks in advanced!
But I will wait cos I believe in you.


Just enable a clockTimer after this! Interval maybe 1 sec. When Clocktimer then Button1 = visible.


Did you tried this?


I’ve tried this but it is still non-visible


Yes true, I tried it also with Vertical and Horizontal Arrangements . It does’t work the way I thought. This is magic.


A workaround could be your ParticleCreator extension where you could use a png of your button.


Hi everyone!
I am new here. I have a problem with the download of this extension: clicking on the link it seems just that the page is refreshed and no download starts. Someone can please help?


Well, I just tried the download-link and it works perfect for me, started downloading right away.


thank you for your reply. Still doesn’ t work for me. Maybe is it a browser related problem? I use Chrome.


I use Chrome also. I’ve downloaded and uploaded it here: https://ufile.io/yj7yj Give it a try with this link :wink:


Thanks a lot! It worked just fine! And very good extension too! I used it on buttons and images, :wink:


Is to possible explode a button.And After explosion Button will be again visssible.


please Send Me ExplosionAnimation Download link