[Free] Extension DendritasTable CsvTohtml, List to html, List to Json Datatables JS(08/12/17)


I have the full extension (paid version) but I’m having certain difficulties using it with fusion tables.

1.) When I use the .StartSimpleTable function, the app gets all data correctly, but the .GetRowSelect doesn’t work.

2.) When the .StartDataTable funcion is used the .GetRowSelect works perfectly, however, only the first collum appears on screen, the second and third don’t.

I want to show all data, which is located on a Fusion table, on screen and then be able to select a row to analyze the data.

Does anyone know what am I doing wrong?


Hello, I would like to use it to display my google sheet directly on app inventor, and i want to paid usd15, may you please give me the link? Many thanks!



for questions about payments and questions only relevant for you or the developer of the extension, please send a PM to the developer
for questions about the functionality and everything which might be interesting for everyone, please ask here in this thread
thank you



Sorry for that



I do the payment and try to perform the sample, it’s ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

See the aia,

May you please help me check? Many thanks!



Hi Andrew, is this while live testing or installing the app?

I’ve removed your .aia file since this is actually a paid extension, perhaps you can PM @Andres_Cotes and he might be able to take a look at it?


this path is not correct

this looks better




however you can’t access files stored in the assets of your app like this (that path only will work on your development device), see here how to do it https://puravidaapps.com/tutorials.php#html



Thank you all guys. Yes since that would be a paid version stuff, i would pm the developer directly first. I would share in final if any good findings