[Free] Extension DendritasTable CsvTohtml, List to html, List to Json Datatables JS(08/12/17)




muchas gracias, te queremos mucho pero, por favor, solo queremos tener una extensión de prueba, sin pagar, con las 2 palabras “buscar” y “filas” en inglés (no manualmente, pero cambias esta extensión para reemplazarla estas 2 palabras)
por favor, por favor



in the free version the height of the table is fixed to about half of the screen.
in the paid version is there any option to make it cover more of the screen??

also is there any possibility to be able to change the colors used?



paid version custom css datatables


That means height is also adjustable?

One more question, is it possible to have the 1st column not scroll? As an option…


Just sent you a PayPal payment for this…


Thank you Andres. This is working great as always…
Is there any chance to add a block to chance SizeTableX ? This world be very useful if the table is shown landscape or in portrait…


You Gime example



talking about this… can u make a block to change this value ?
different height is needed when device is landscape and different when portrait.

Also… is it possible to read JS and CSS from a file in assets? I mean if I download the files and put them to assets can I use them instead of typing the URL ??

Final question, If I download the customization s/w from datatables so as to create my own style (i.e. add freeze on 1st column, maybe change some colors) where should I upload the file so as to give a proper link? Is google drive ok?

Consider adding an option (if possible) to change font size… (also in blocks not only in properties)


@Andres_Cotes what about this??


I have not tried


I think it may be possible but to update any feature you must update the app, and not only change the URL information where the css files are, that’s the advantage


what do you mean with this?
I did not understand…


@Andres_Cotes hi my friend, too quiet are you recently…

could you consider to add blocks to set/change these properties in the screenshot below (for the paid version)?


It would be nice to give the user the option to customize the way the table shows in the app…

Thank you.


I send this version 3 weeks to back


Hi @Andres_Cotes

I want to buy this extension please? How to proceed?

And is it possible for you to add colours to the table i.e background colour border colour header colour etc… please revert to me so i can do the purchase through paypal.


Extension is amazingly owesum


Thanks for the extension @Andres_Cotes. It will more helpful if you convert the words is english. Hope a update soon.


Price version paid 15 usd


@Andres_Cotes, Hi How do I make payment to you to get the paid version of the extension.
Also, would it be possible to add a feature to display the text of a particular column in a label for the row selected?


it’s a good extension, I’m interested, but is there an option to determine the width of each column independently, and also the alignment of text in the columns? if there is not one I hope that many people will like to see this in their table, thank you