[Free] Extension DendritasTable CsvTohtml, List to html, List to Json Datatables JS(08/12/17)


It were useful for all users if you write the description in english.



how can i use it with fusion tables




that example is outdated…

the result you receive from a SELECT query in the FusiontableControl.GotResult event is a csv table
and the StartSimpleTable method of @Andres_Cotes’ extension expects a csv table…
so just pass the result to that method, it’s that easy…

@mohamed.younes you might want to do some tutorials to learn the basics…



I’m trying Thanx for yr usual support :slight_smile:


Very nice extension!
Please provide blocks to set “de”, “buscar” and “filas” text


i cannot understand


See at this image, your extension has hardcoded text in spanish (filas, buscar, 1 “de” 3), please provide some property to set own texts, thank you!


We can use it for leaderboard.Can you make tables like this or more modern ui.



Esta lista se puede editar Aplicaciones ¿Cómo? ¿Es posible?


si mira el archivo ejemplo


No entiende completamente lo que está diciendo?



código mai no estoy diciendo que editar
Voy a descargar la lista que debe modificar.
Y subirlo de nuevo de vuelta en la misma después de la edición


how can edit search in place of buscar


se debe modificar la extensión


how ?
will u explain it ?


Hard-coded texts aren’t best practice, @Andres_Cotes could you provide a property to edit needed texts ?


Paid features


why I get error like picture?