[Free] Extension DendritasTable CsvTohtml, List to html, List to Json Datatables JS(08/12/17)

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Esta extensión permite generar una pagina html desde una lista appInventor o desde un archivo csv y mostrarla en el WebViewer. un bloque adicional para List to Json.


Andres Daniel

co.com.dendritas.DendritasTable.aix (8.2 KB)
DendritasTabla.aia (13.1 KB)

Comparto extension para crear tablas html ahora con https://datatables.net/ y seleccion de fila

video demostracion

DendritasTable.aia (14.8 KB)
co.com.dendritas.DendritasTable.aix (11.6 KB)

Paid features


Price 15 USD


Wow thats a really good extension. You can use it together with mine OpenTable API guide! :smile: Great job!

que es OpenTable Api

This is OpenTable API Guide
OpenTable is the biggest restaurant-reservation service. While using my guide + your’s extension it is possible to make a very powerful application.

Good one
I m thinking about leaderboard.Can you add leaderboard option with beatufull ui.Its same as 1.post images but need litle make up

Estoy pensando en leaderboard.Can puede añadir la opción de tabla de clasificación con beatufull ui.Its igual que las imágenes 1.post, pero necesita poco componen.

no comprendo
i no understand

trata de describir mejor lo que quieres

Good Extension.Zoom doesn’t work in webviewer.

You have to enable zooming first :slight_smile:

zoomdisplay is enable in designer

ZoomDisplay - means, should we show Zooming Buttons (+ or -) or not :slight_smile:

yes i know the function but don’t show button. In block editor can you tell me where is the property to enable zooming?

Zooming is enabled by itself. You can zoom no matter what :slight_smile:

I made a mistake here, I meant you have to enable ZoomDisplay first

On my device zoom doesn’t work ( it’s enable). Android 7 Emui 5.

That is a bug on your phone. On my Tablet, phone and my brother’s phone zooming works perfectly. Also, if you trying to zoom using Buttons + and -. That doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Does it work when using this extension?
I think @Massimo_Antonini is talking about the zoom not working when the table is displayed in the webviewer . I checked this extension and the zoom is not working when the table is displayed in a webviewer even with Zoom Display enabled. But zoom works fine with other pages.

It must be disabled in the HTML code that displays the table.

Yea, for me it works. I am using this Tables + OpenTable API Guide (I posted before)

Yes, i was talking about extension.

Strange ? :thinking:
Could anyone else check if zoom is working with this extension?

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la extensión tiene esta linea de código que no permite el uso del zoom por que particularmente no me gustan esos botones

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0">

si necesita que le de una opción de ampliar y dejarlo como opción me avisan

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Comparto extension para crear tablas html ahora con https://datatables.net/ y seleccion de fila

video demostracion https://youtu.be/Z2mFQG3umRU

DendritasTable.aia (14.8 KB)
co.com.dendritas.DendritasTable.aix (11.6 KB)