[Free] Extension. Create TextBox by code. Set and Get text



With this extension we can create Buttons, TextBox, Labels, Images, Sliders… by code:[Free] Create Buttons, Labels, TextBoxes, Images, Sliders by code. New font. Vertical Slider

Now this is other version to create only TextBox by code.
With this version we can set and get Text to/from TextBox. Get Texts in all TextBox with a string separed by comma.

  • It can be created in two ways, by means of the CreateTexBox block, by setting the Properties previously (green blocks) or …

  • …through the CreateTexBoxBlock block, where the Properties are placed in the same block.

  • Both in one way or another, these properties are only used to create the TextBox, but they are not used to change it later.

  • The only property that can be changed is the Text using the SetText and GetText blocks, for this we have to put the TextBox number through the index variable.

  • GetAllText, shows the text of all TextBox created by a comma separated string.

  • The Changes event, gets the values ​​of the Text, Character to the left, cursor position and text size, every time something is changed in the TextBox.

  • The ViewClicked event, shows the index and the text, each time we click twice on a TextBox.

  • You can put different types of letters, in the example you could put sevillana.ttf

    p194E_crear_campodetexto.aia (101.1 KB)
    com.KIO4_CreateTextBox_v1.aix (19.3 KB)

@Diego_Marino, with this extension you can get AllText of TextBoxes.
If someone wants to collaborate, this is the link:

  • Se puede crear de dos formas, mediante el bloque de CreateTexBox, poniendo las Propiedades previamente (bloques verdes) o

  • mediante el bloque CreateTexBoxBlock, en donde las Propiedades se ponen en el mismo bloque.

  • Tanto de una manera como de otra, esas propiedades solo se utilizan para crear el TextBox, pero no se utilizan para cambiarla luego.

  • La única Propiedad que se puede cambiar es la de Texto mediante los bloque SetText (Poner texto) y GetText (Obtener el texto), para ello tenemos que poner el número de TextBox mediante la variable index.

  • GetAllText, muestra el texto de todos los TextBox creados mediante una cadena separado por comas.

  • El evento Changes, obtiene los valores del Texto, Carácter a la izquierda, posición del cursor y tamaño del texto, cada vez que se cambia algo en el TextBox.

  • El evento ViewClicked, muestra el índice y el texto, cada vez que pulsamos dos veces sobre un TextBox.

  • Se puede poner distintos tipos de letras, en el ejemplo podría poner sevillana.ttf

[Free] Create Buttons, Labels, TextBoxes, Images, Sliders by code. New font. Vertical Slider

it took some time…but deserve a donatio :smiley:
well, it’s not possible to store the text of buttons at least?




Sir is it posible to save all text value in listpicker elements for example 5 textbox value i wnt to save in one listpicker element after picking select elements getvalue in 5 textbox in his own index



I do not understand exactly what you write, try this example, first create the TextBox and then press To ListView

p194E_crear_campodetexto_listview.aia (100.4 KB)


Sir i wnt like this


may i use this with the other extension to create label, buttons and textboxes and store values?


This extension only creates and stores values of TextBoxes.


if you need store content of TinyDB in a SdCard, you can look this extension


sir pls check this aia file TinyDB.aia (4.3 KB)
i want to make like this as lispicker is it possible in createview i wnt to save value or items in listpicker


sir how to save all create textbox value in one index pls help me


In this web page:

you can find example p194E_crear_campodetexto_listview.aia

When you Click in “All Text” Button, get all text.




sir how to clear or blank the textbox after saving textbox value


Pls help


sir is it possible to craete dynamically canvas


It is possible create a canvas inside a layout.


sir pls help me and show me block how to create


sir is it possible to create canvas in create view


i’m trying this extension, and i think that the “when changes” block does not work when i use the “create texbox block” instead of textbox