[FREE] Extension ComponentToImage

Extension ComponentToImage



  • Using this extension you can convert any view/component to image and save it to storage.
  • The image will be created as per the components same width and height.
  • You can convert Layout, Buttons, Labels …etc
  • Any change on the component, eg: Round corners will also reflect in image
  • Note:The component should be visible
  • I created it as per the request and idea from @Angelo_Angius


  • First one is the label and the second one is the converted image.

2.Methods & Events

► Method: convertToImage


    • component - The component which you want to convert to image.
    • saveAs - Filename, default file path is /storage/emulated/0/

► Event: Created


  • Event raised after image created.
    • filePath - Returns the image file.


com.jerin.s2b.aix (7.8 KB)

Suggest new updates, report bugs and errors and stay tuned…

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Another great extension. :+1::+1::+1:

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Very useful, especially with the print extension. Could be a real alternative to creating pdfs


You keep creating great extensions. Great job mate!

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Those who tested it, please report if there any problem found.


Working in every major builder now. Great work @jerinjacob

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It was, some error in adding permission.

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You got the idea from App Inventor Forum
Can we save any comonent or arrangement I mean specific area as image file

Instead of replying there you made post here, and the this was me who is asking on App Inventor forum
Anyway thanks for your work

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I think you didnt read the post completely. He made as a request from a user on this forum. Saying that he is stealing ideas doesn’t do justice to his work.

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I apologize, I have changed the word now

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Hi! I have a problem with the extension :frowning:
I’m using some HTML5 graphs with the Webviewer and using a Web View String based on the post Beautiful chart maker
and I want to keep an image of the graph but it only saves a blank image. Am I doing something wrong? or is it due to the limits of the extension?


Since the extension take pictures of component, it capture webview component not the website.
I will look into the problem when get time.
Thanks for reporting.

hi, I tried the ColinTreeListview with your extension but an error occurs

its great

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I use this blocks to capture and share a screenshoot but after share the pic is only a black stage no text or colour is displayed

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is it showing perfectly in the image component?

Did you try to make the background white?
Not setting the background makes it black, is my experience.

why exactly don’t you try my sugggestion I gave you in another forum?

try to save as jpg

also what about only asking in the community of the distribution you are using?


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**I try it by save it as jpg already it’s not work