[Free] Extension Animacion update 10/11/2017


can i use this extensions as page turning ? if possible than please guide me how can I do this :slight_smile: Thanks in advance


I believe you need Animation Plus extension from @Andres_Cotes for this purpose


can you give me related link ?



here is an index of extensions…

however if not mistaken Animation Plus is a paid extension…


ok thanks friend :slight_smile:


Hi @Andres_Cotes

how do we use the updated version? You posted a picture of the new blocks but no instructions and I don’t get how to set up the component… It was easy with the old version but I am stuck right now :see_no_evil:

Do we have to use the capture input block to set the animated object? Because I tried adding a button there and got an error:

ps: it would be very helpful if you would add comments with short descriptions to your extensions blocks like other developers do, not only “method for …” :wink:

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:


Hi @Andres_Cotes,

can you help me - why does this not work? I want to change the enlarged icon back to normal once another icon is pressed but as soon as I add ResetDefaultValue no animation anymore…

I tried with an additional Capture Input element as well as without one but both did not work. Also every time I call “reset default value” I have to click the item again to see an effect… Even if I start it by right click - Do in the blocks section…

I also thought maybe I need to use one Animacion Element for each single item I want to animate? But that does not work as well. Nothing is happening at all: :roll_eyes::weary:

*SetAnimations procedure is called on ScreenInitialize, of course.

What is the ResetDefault block supposed to do? It would be really helpful to have a documentation how it is supposed to work or helpful comments in your extensions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There also seems to be a bug in this extension… I need to call the procedure twice (2x) to make the animation start even tough the “Got Animation Start” block fires already at the first time:


If you set an animation for a image, and a create a button to activated, only work once. The only way to work more times, is change a value in the call animation function.


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