[Free] Extension Animacion update 10/11/2017


Si señor por el momento Tengo una que tiene tres, pero si desea apoyar el proyecto con 10 dólares puedo incluirle todas


Let’s say the image is a card facing backward.

Then if user tap on the card, will the Animation Extension be able to show animation like flip the card and show the front of the card?


Got this from: https://developer.android.com/training/animation/cardflip.html

Hope @Andres_Cotes can add this animation to the Extension Animacion :wink:



I see.

I can make it with your extension by setting the value, right?

Thanks! :grinning:


Would it be possible to make the current rotation pf the button a variable?


a que te refieres , que quieres hacer???


Cuando hago clic en un botón, quiero que el botón gire 180 grados más entonces la rotación actual



hi andres,

i’m trying to make a swipe gesture with animation to change horizontal arrangment

but when i return on the first horizontal arrangement, it is traslated. Maybe i have to set another animation oppoiste to the first?



felicitaciones por esa iniciativa , debes mover los 2 a las vez y el punto final de uno es el inicio del otro vas por buen camino


so you suggest to not set not visible the arrangement that has the translation?
however, the arrangements involved will be 5 or 6, so i have to create a “chain” in which every of them end when the other start? maybe i’ll have to traslate some of them when the screen initialize?


Excuse me! Could you make an animation of the sprite image? it would be great!


This is what Google Translate says…it is slightly better.

“I am sleepy tomorrow I finished the others but I found it very entertaining and publish it”




in latest update, if anyone want to control animation more than one component, they must use more animacion extension, right?




i face to error when i try control image component :frowning:


Hi @Andres_Cotes, I’m just experimenting with this at the moment - everything is going well except I can only load one version of the .aix file at a time.

I can either animate the buttons, labels etc (from the first extension) or have the event handlers and setters and getters (from the update) but not both.

Is this intentional?


Hey @Andres_Cotes,

It appears that when using the TransitionY that the object is still visible. It appears as if the only thing being brought down (or up) is the children of that object. Please add a feature for changing the height to fix this.

The gray line is the height of the box.




I just used this extension.

It will be useful for my app too to show the Top and Bottom Image menu.

But the result is not satisfactory.

Please find the image screen shots in app and blocks from thunkable.

This is hoe my app screen look like.

Now i used the code of this extension. Result should be, the top and bottom image menu should be disapppeared from the screen with anim effect.

But i got the result like this

The top and bottom menus which are kept in Vertical arrangements are not completely vanished from the screen.

Now when i click the hidden button which is on the screen and placed in other vertical arrangement, the result is like this. Please see the image below.

Please find the Program Blocks here under.

I request you guys to please give me a solution. Thanks…