[Free] Extension Animacion update 10/11/2017


Buenas noches

comparto esta extensión ha sido la que visualmente me a dado mas impacto

co.com.dendritas.Animacion.aix (12.0 KB)


gracias al canal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6g5yVnUWAj_0c7RYRzHDng

gracias al canal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw3Fhw7mfe9ZW9wWPIDwglQ

se pueden integrar con

  • label
  • textbox
  • image
  • webviwer
  • verticalA
  • HorizontalA
  • canvas

en mi computador se pone lento cuando cargo los bloques por favor confirmar si les pasa algo similar







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Does this work on all components or only buttons?


Tengo sueño mañana termino los otros pero me pareció muy entretenido y lo publique


Could you kindly use Google Translate or type in English? This is what Microsoft is showing me…


Mañana continuo trabajando


The extension is really good! Great features to make the UX richer!


This is great fun to play around with, you can get some amazing transitions,a horizontal arrangement spinning like a propeller while scaling in or out,


This is soo cool! We can use this for better menus


sen buradaki en iyi geliştiricisin :heart_eyes:


Would love to see what you guys can do with this extension, like menus or other cool animations, pls share some stuff that you come up with thr community :+1:


There is a slight problem in that it does not move any other arrangements out of the way but overlaps them, I had vertical sliders.


The overlapping really isn’t a problem as you can just use a blank arrangement to space it out


tüm android sürümleri uyumlu mu


@Andres_Cotes Thank you Andres, best extension from best developer Here,

your ideas cool, Thank you


He said he was sleepy and he would continue working the rest (of the extension) tomorrow.




This is a great addition to the collection of extensions. Thanks :+1:


does this extension work with SPrites? that would be awesome!


Lo intente pero no he podido obtener la vista del elemento


Would it be possible to add diffrent interpolators?