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AirtableClassic Extension


Airtable is a service that looks like a spreadsheet but actually acts like a database.
Airtable powered spreadsheet has been already introduced in Thunkable X.
This extension is to connect Airtable database with Thunkable Classic.


  1. Create your free Airtable spreadsheet and account
    See documentation by Thunkable for Thunkable X.

  2. Connect your Airtable spreadsheet with Thunkable.
    See documentation by Thunkable for Thunkable X.

  • After obtaining properties API key, Base ID, Table Name and View Name


Getting, uploading, updating and deleting data. [ Methods and Events ]

1. Getting data

  • Get all data


  • Get the value of a cell


  • Get Row

2. Uploading and updating data

  • Create Row

  • Update a cell value.

  • Update a row

3. Deleting data

  • Delete by row number.

Note: responseCode = 200 means success.

Some sample blocks




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Nice work @jerinjacob. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Good Job! @jerinjacob


Hi @jerinjacob
Please ! what is the alternative block for use airtable?

for example in spreadsheet (cloudstitch) I use for Get Data -> Put in ListPicker -> Select -> and put in TextBox option selected:

what are the block for same procedure in Airtable?

Thxu in advanced !


Great job brother


Dear !..

How can i Get value of next cell/Column?
Por example:

If I select from list_picker (A2)
How can i get (B2) ?


what airtable extension block use ?


Hi @B_Hdez,
You can use
for getting column values .

And you can use

for getting a cell value using row number.


Thx u @jerinjacob

I get Column fine and listing value in my List_Picker, but i dont know how get the next cell A2:B2 what will procedure for get B2 value?


You can get the row number from, listpicker and set the column name from which you want the value


Solved !


Check your table name and view name everything is ok.


Thx u ! @jerinjacob

Problem solved ! i get Vale B2


hI @jerinjacob

What value use i for ilimited cell in column?

maxRecord: “X” ?

Can i use “FALSE” ?

Sorry for my bad english and thunkable use, im Newbie…


You mean, you don’t want that maxrecord?


Correct, i want get all value from column (unlimited). or what is the meaning of maxRecord ?


maxRecord means the number of rows you want to return.
There is no proper solution for it now, alternatively, you can set maxRecords to a large value.


OK Mr.

I can use value = 10000
for not have problems…

thx u


Dear @jerinjacob

Please, the following blocks do not connect !


Any idea ?


Its a list you want to use make a list block.

Or if you have only one value you can use set cell method.


Hooo… Thx U Monster !

Work Fine !