[Free] Extension AirtableClassic -Airtable powered Spreadsheet



@Angelo_Angius thank you so much! but when i want to catch the picture to my app, it doesn’t show anything. what should i do?



Hi guys how to download the extension? I do any download link. thanks in advance


Hi Mr @jerinjacob

I try save data to airtable with 35 Columnames & values
but the extension not send info…
the block is good, i try with 3, 5 or 6 values and the info is sent…

Can you help me by increasing the fields or values to send?


@jerinjacob Help Me Please !



Hi guy,

Need advise from people here.

I just want to display all raw in screen. I am kind of new in kodular.

here it is my block.


Total row return number of rows in you sheet.


you mean my block is wrong?


Sir…Card not acceptable by airtable for upgrading


You should contact airtable support


You are trying to include information in the airtable worksheet, but you are not getting it and the platform is up to date.