[Free] Extension AirtableClassic -Airtable powered Spreadsheet



Thank you so much for your hard work. I want to ask you something about columns and tabs from airtable:

how can i get all columns from an airtable table?, that have more than 3 tabs, and each tab 3 or 4 columns? i want to show each tab into an arrangement

when i try to put more spreadsheets, they showme the same info as the one sheet, or not give data at all. how can i do that show all the data form the diferents tabs? thank you so much for your help


You have to change table name according to your airtable sheets.


Hi @alcazardesanjuan, how did you get this JSON-style response?

I think you need a JSON-extension in Thunkable Classic to use this kind of data (have a look at β€œhttp://puravidaapps.com/” -> Extensions -> search for JSON).


can you share block. i want to do exactly what you did.


Great Extension, Thank You. When you planned, to update it with the return type blocks? That would be awesome. Thank You for your reply!


please add return type block as soon as possible.
I cannot complete my job without it.
please help!!!


i want create simple register and login app please sir help me…


Dear @Jerin_Jacob

Some idea for upload files/pictures to Airtable from this Extension?


As I said earlier, upload image or file to any cloud share the URL with airtable.


Dear Jerin
I understand your procedure, but the idea is to upload the file taking advantage of the fact that airtable supports 2Gb of attachments.

Thx u