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Hi @B_Hdez,
I didn’t understand what are you trying to say, but maybe this can help you.
Did you tried Create and update blocks?



Yes Mr.
Update row
But today, row 1 can be CAR XHJ899.
Tomorrow the CAR XHJ899 may not work… I can’t use a number row 1.
It will not always be the same row number


I think…
I would need to look up the name of the “EQUIPO” in the first column. compare and if it’s the same then update.



@Jerin_Jacob @all

With name cell can i get number row?
How can i update a cell whitout number row?

thx u in advanced


Sorry for Newbie Questions here : But How to Put Data from airtable to Listview / colintree listview, because i saw in listview we must specified Which Row , should be updated…, but how to automaticly update each ROW in Listview when all Airtable data have been parsed


Thank you for this amazing extension. It is very helpful!

One question, DeleteRow funtion is not working :frowning:


In this example I was trying to Delete Row 10, but nothing happens.

EDIT: Trying to Update a Row I recive the same response. Nothing.
Just create a row is working properly


I will look into it.


:smile: thank you very much! I’m looking forward to hear some news :heart_eyes:



If you Project use the Big AirtableClassic Extension and show:
" The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen…"

Please ! Update to Last Extension version for solve problem…


not working


I can’t help you without providing more information.
Check your all paramters , api key,baseid,table name are correct.


there are going to be returning tipe blocks in a future update? it will be very usefull


Please share how you solved this :slight_smile:


Helo @Jerin_Jacob and the whole community

They could help me with this problem

how to upload an image

with the text only if it loads but when I put the image it does not load anything

Thank you very much to all




If you select A4 Cell in list elements… these block call B4 Cell value


is not possible… Check Post


Thank you very much for the information and for the speed of the answer, greetings


Can you restore the extension to support the Arabic language?


Amazing, thank you so much :slight_smile:


I just ry to Create new row with the data in non-English language.
No row created
I think it is the same issue with Mohammed_ALrmily

After I changed all data to English, new row was created.
So I think it is about non-English data.

I used to experience this problem when using Spreadsheet Component.
and I solved this by using Uri encode (from component Web),
but Uri encode does not help with AirTable Classic extension.

I try to encode non-English Character before CreateRow
New row can be created, but the non-English character in the cell still Uri encoded

for example, Thai Name “จิตรภณ เหล่าศรีสิน” appear in the cell like this

see row 5

PS. row 1-3 were directly key into AirTable, so Thai Character appear correctly.

Pls see if you could help with this issue