[Free] Extension AirtableClassic -Airtable powered Spreadsheet



Please how can I use this to add multiple markers to google map. can you show blocks?


just like this example for thunkable X Google Map - add multiple markers


Hi @Mrbee
It’s too complicated with currently available blocks, maybe I can change it like a return type block.

  • Currently


  • Changing it like this may help you


Maybe I can make it possible in next update.


Yes… I have struggled with that all day. Cant wait for your update. You can also possibly use your amazing extension to add multiple markers and show block on how to do it correctly. That will help solve my long standing problem for months now. This novice thanks you so much


Hello, is it possibile upload and download image with this extension?



Hi, @Angelo_Angius
Its not directly possible but alternatively can upload to cloudinary,firebase or any other service and pass url to airtable.


This for upload. But for download? Image are just in airTable…


Its not possible to download or upload using this extension.
You can only pass or get values like string, integer etc…

  • If you want to upload, you can upload to Cloudinary, Firebase or any other service and pass URL to Airtable.
  • And if you want to download, get URL from Airtable and pass to web component.

Note : In this extension, thirt party column Attachments will not work in case you want to retrieve data from it.


it may possibly we can create new sheet/table ?


@Jerin_Jacob nice work with that extension is very useful but Is there any way to use it with a colintree list view?


thank you for your contribution…

you might want to follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names…


In my code it’s exactly as you said but when compile and use in thunkable it automatically changes to caps.

@SimpleFunction(description = “”)
public void GetRow(final int rowNumber) {

I think it’s because of Thunkable spreadsheet already have those variables


Thanks for mentioned it.


I have 700 record but getrow can get 100 record. I want to get 700 record


Update : Error Fix

Thanks, @Forprograme_Thunkabl, for reporting the error.

  1. Fixed: not getting more than 100rows or columns
    2.Fixed icon size

Hi friends,
This is a compulsory update, those who use this extension in their apps please update as fast as possible.

com.jerin.airtable.aix (34.5 KB)


nice work but can you please add return type blocks? it will be very useful


I like this extention. Thanks.

and hope to have “filterByFormula” method in next update.


Hi, I want to know, what you are trying to achieve if there is filterByFormula option.


just like the WHERE clause in SQL,

such as :
call AirTableClassic1.getRecord [
columnNames (name, age, address, salary)
filter ( age>30 and (salary >4000 and salary <6000) )
orderBy(name) ]

since, sometime if the data record is too much, we don’t know the row number of the data we wanted.

ps: UPDATE RECORD and DELETE RECORD also need filter, for batch operation.


Hi, friends,
Here is the new Update and it is a compulsory update.

  • Please update from here


  1. Bug fix and error fix

  2. New variable - totalRows




Hello Mr @Jerin_Jacob and All Community

Any idea for this situation…

  1. The User car SAVE Start Data ( Date & Time).[Save in TinyDB & Save to Airtable]
  2. When the work finish the user send finish data (the App get Start data from TinyDB) & send to Airtable Start & Finish Data.

I need please…

  1. Save Start Data in One row
  2. Save Finish Data in same row where save start data
    One row for each car.

Actually i have two row for each car…
you will ask, why not just save option 2 (which has start and end of work)
But I can not wait for a car to finish its work, to see on screen its initial time


Thxu people ! any idea is welcome !