[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension



Have you made any progress with that?


This is not coming, already said a couple of times. (As well as in this extension’s topic)


can it possible stop loading when loading url


Sir after this new update can we download any image and share directly to whatsapp or fb etc.?
I want to share image ( not image link ) in whatsapp.
Will this be possible from this webview

I am looking for feature like this
Thanks :slight_smile:


Not Found. Error 404 :thinking:


Use youtube ex


If you download image on your phone, you can share it where you want.


What do you not find ?


The link Is Not working.


Yes it is working. I am use it.





Everything is correct, if you didn’t read what @RedScorpion_Gheorghi said, I’ll tell you myself that, you need to pass an id of the file. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=id_of_the_file.


In the extinsions block - Url adress- text block with that link from google drive(replace id with your id file).

P.S. To download and install extinsion on your thunkable account, see first com.


How do I change the downloaded folder?


sometimes it not load the url and users see error message do you provide any new update ?


Can anyone look at this issue with this extension?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Use Taifun ext to move file. https://puravidaapps.com/file.php


Update for what. If get error, then try downloading again if is the i8nternet connection. Or if your download link is bad, then fix it.


MAybe this will help How to make Progress bar for webviewer


hello dear please tell me how to online url change web viewer with firebase please fast tell me thank you

App size too big! Want to add lots of sounds..Advice Please