[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension





So I’m not the only one :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried appy builder. Same error. It worked in thunkable of course.


It happened to me in Thunkable once then i changed some stuff and it has not happened :slight_smile:


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This forum here is about thunkable and not makeroid.


Hey @ILoveThunkable Is this extension useful in playing streaming video in full screen.
the current webview is not supported with this.
If yes please tell me…My videos are not being played in full screen :frowning:


This is not possible currently in this extension.


What i want to type in mimetype,user agent,Contentdisposition

when i made it empty it is not working.


Just pass an en empty string


Nothing Happen.No file is download.


Use On download event.
There you can find all variables.


You won’t see an alert when file downloaded. As @Nick said, use OnDownload event


Hello evreyone!

I want to say is a great extension. URL in the text block for google drive, the downloading url is https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=id_of_the_file.

Regards, RS(CG)

How to play sounds from internet
Help needed! Want to create an app

Which are possible variables for setUserAgent?


full screen video play ? youtube

how should I do


use youtube extension


where can I download


does it work