[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension



i tried this but it only shows me the message Accelerating… and Download Complete.


Não funcionou:

Tenho que mudar algo?



Eu coloco esse bloco junto aos outros?


when i click link in webviewer open new window, how? Please help me!


Would you please have a look at Would some help ? I'm Ready to pay a genuine price. I have a list of changes to be made in app. But i'm not able to make those changes myself

I uploaded my app aia file. I have added these blocks now, but it’s not working at all.


Funcionou, muito obrigado :slight_smile:


Please make a new topic as this problem is not related to this extension.


Did you find the solution? Could you share the solution?
I also got the exact same problem with keyboard popping out when using Web Viewer Dialog and i think that my Google Oauth login problem maybe related to this.

Thank you in advance.


didnt got any solution bro…it still pops up


I can’t seem to get same issue. Just try to use hide keyboard method.


I am getting an error message when the extension sets the webviewer: “android.support.v4.widget.SwipeRefreshLayout cannot be cast to android.webkit.WebView
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.” Is this something I am doing wrong?


This unrelated to ExtendedWebViewer Extension, you are probably passing something that is not a web viewer.


So… is this not what i’m supposed to do?


Please show your webviewer component in Designer (Components section




Either Thunkable developers edited web viewer component to be place inside a SwipeRefreshLayout or you are using something (extension) which does that. Please send your aia file.


I am using makeroid, would that make a difference?

Browser.aia (35.8 KB)


Probably, they changed something, you may want to ask them there.


Ok thanks