[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension



@enaixpeend No. It doesn’t have to be installed.


nel mio dispositivo con android 6.0, le app di terze parti non possono aprire questa schermata senza google chrome @ILoveThunkable


This doesn’t need any Chrome, your device may be broken, I don’t know :smile:. A library is containing an Activity (for non-developers, a Screen), that is being launched when required. You don’t have to have Chrome at all.


allora dipende dall’app


It does not depend on anything. I said a couple of times, a library is containing everything you need. It does not matter, what app you have or how you use it.


Sorry for the late reply. Right now, I am building the app with webview. But I think I may have to switch to “Powered by Google” for better usability in the future. When I feel like it’s time for the switch, I will surely contact you for integrating it.


Can someone help me?
I’ve tried to make but it does not work


You need to put the ExtendedWebViewer.WebViewer into the ScreenInitialize event instead.


You code does not make sense at all.

  1. You have to ExtendedWebViewer to WebViewer on initialize
  2. OnDownloadNeeded occurs when you call DownloadFile
  3. DownloadFile is absolutely empty? Every single argument is empty, you want do download nothing
  4. Join block needs argument, it cannot be empty.


Sorry can you give me her example?

I just learned and I still do not understand


Hi @Sivagiri_Visakan and @ILoveThunkable , great extension this Extended Web Viewer Extension is :+1:.

I really feel it did extend the capabilities of the default WebViewer function :muscle:.

However my current project requires that the WebViewer to automatically open a new WebViewer window automatically to display result on the new window. After reviewing the results, back press will simply close the new window.:grimacing:

It might be that I am a newbie or that the Extended Web Viewer might not have the feature available, I had to resort to using another extension altogether, WebViewTools, and I would prefer to use as less extensions as possible to keep my app fast and lightweight.:flushed:

Please refer to my blocks atached below, and please advice if there is a way for ExtendedWebViewer to automatically open new windows automatically programatically. Thanks.:+1:


Hello @ILoveThunkable whenever i use this extension and dialog box upens up …suddenly the keypad also pops up . is there any solution to hide keypad coz there is no need of keypad .


now its up to date for full screen video play ?


Never heard of this? Can you give more info.


Hello, sorry. There is a lot of studies for me & i just havd just a bit of my time to be on Thunkable. I try to contribute as much as I can :slight_smile:


Try Taifun keyboard extension


well, there is no such extension… :wink:
but the screen component offers a method HideKeyboard you might want to try…



i wanted to allow user download files through app from a site which gets user inputs and based on that input a link is generated.

What could be that possible blocks for that.

  1. It is not specific file
  2. link changes with user inputs eg. fir no 55 would give another link and fir no.33 would link to another file.

Getting into blank screen when pressing back button in web viewer component

You have to make your own logic. So for example. you can url & download file from it.


First put extendedwebviewer.webviewer to webviewer in initialize
like this…

This block helped me to download files with pdf format and while downloading it showed its download progress too…so try this out