[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension

@domhnallohanlon in a next update, we will add download support, so you won’t need to use Web component.


When is this update coming out my friend. any estimated time?

It gonna come this month.

That’s funny I actually released a WebViewTools extension as well! :laughing: it contains very similar methods, setting and getting user agent .etc it also allows you to enable some more advanced features of the WebViewer which arent enabled by default!

You can find it at: https://thunkableblocks.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/webviewtools-extension-for-app-inventor.html


Well, you didn’t publish it here, so we didn’t know. :slight_smile:, also our extension has a few other blocks.

Yeah ahah I have been busy lately but that’s all good! it’s always nice to have a variety of extensions from different developers anyhow :smile:

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YUP :slight_smile:


Can the Two similar extensions be merged?

Not now, because we are working on a lot of new updates. It would impossible to merge now, but later maybe. Also, @Sivagiri_Visakan what’s your thoughts about this?

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Hi guys will this extension enable full screen videos like YouTube and other video sites?

Yes, we are working on new update for that.


Nice… keep up the good work

Hmm… I tried to use this for one of my apps. I just was changing the userAgent but it gave me the following error: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.webkit.WebSettings android.webkit.WebView.getSettings()' on a null object reference

First you have to use this block. Read description of all blocks to understand how it works.


Hi All :wave: ,
Today myself and @ILoveThunkable release the Version 2 of the Extended WebViewer extension. This version includes support for downloading files that can’t be viewed directly in a Web Viewer.

Version 2

New blocks:

  • OnDownloadNeeded

    This event indicates that the content in the URL pointed cannot be viewed and needs to be downloaded . The event also provides additional info required to download a file using DownloadFile block .

    :one: content length is the size of the file to be downloaded in bytes.
    :two: contentDisposition is a header that is received from the server and contains necessary information to name the file automatically if the filename is left blank in DownloadFile block

  • OnDownloadFinished

    Indicates that the file has finished downloading .

  • OnErrorOccured

    Indicates that the webviewer encountered an error while loading a webpage
    Please refer to the codes from Android Documentation

  • OnLoadingStarted

    An event to indicate that a webpage has started loading ( either from Webviewer.GoToUrl or with the Reload block from this extension ).

  • OnLoadingFinished

    Indicates that the loading of a webpage is completed.

  • DownloadFile

    This function can be used to download a file using the default Download Manager of Android. Use this function in the OnDownloadNeeded to event to download a file .

Leave the filename empty to automatically name the file based on the information from the server

  • Show Notification

    Set this true to show notification of the download after completion.
    Note that a notification is always shown while the download is in progress. This block is only used to determine whether a notification is shown after completion .

:warning: Also the After Reload event is deprecated with this version as it was not accurate and fired before the webpage was completely reloaded. Use OnLoadingFinished block instead.


Version 2 of the Extended Webviewer Extension :
com.ghostfox.moliata.ExtendedWebViewer.aix (14.6 KB)

If you have any questions, suggestions or encountered any bugs, feel free to post them here !


I wanna to fix that this update is made only by @Sivagiri_Visakan, I did not help him, as I didn’t have time.


Great Job


I need all of those new blocks. Thanks so much :slight_smile: OnError is going to be so useful :slight_smile:


Nice update @Sivagiri_Visakan and @ILoveThunkable!


Wao a very extraordinary extension. well done guys. and @ILoveThunkable, it doesn’t matter mate, as you have said it is an update built on your original extension so well done guys @Sivagiri_Visakan and @ILoveThunkable