[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension

how can we add pause and start button option if downloading start.
how can we pause downloading. start downloadinglike this.

Hello why does not the transition of the email in the browser?

I want one more block for downloading image from any website please help my browser application is 90% completed some features are remaining like video downloading from any website and images downloading from any website advanced problem is also there Facebook is not opening

You can do this by using custom download extension link :-yt.DeepHost.Custom_Download.aix (74.4 KB)

ExtendedWebViewer1 download link please

you can find it in post 35 in this thread


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Hello. Tell me, is there a solution for downloading from a camera with a login field in webviewer?

The page has a code (html5):
<input name='fileinput' id="fileinput" type="file" class="image-upload" accept="image/*" capture value="Upload" />

However, when you click on the file download button in the application, it opens the download from the existing ones, but the camera does not open. However, when using a browser, according to the HTML5 documentation, everything happens the other way around, as it should, the camera opens, and the photo is placed as a file in the input field.

web page in file upload button (choice or brower) , is not work

web viewer doesn’t support downloading problem