[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension



The url ends with the filename: for example test.com/somewhere/file.txt


I had checked some of the download buttons Link Address and i found that what you had told is not always true. But if you see the download button Link Text then we can get the correct downloaded file name.
But how can we get the download button Link text


Could anyone help me regarding my problem described on my previous reply


Hi. Very good browser, but I think you need betters screenshots of you app for your page of play store, and maybe use diferents colors… So you will have more downloads. It’s just a tip. Regards


Thanks for you tips @Dani_M.
I am glad to get your tips and surely I shall follow your recommendation.
I will release a new professional look for my app


Hi There,
I am having a problem with downloading PDFs with web view component. I think I have missed something. Please correct me.
Blocks used are as below:

Screenshot of the app running on my mobile:

Thank you and waiting for guidance.



I can download in my mobile(using extended web viewer extension) , but Doesn’t supporting in friends mobiles … please let me a solution.


Hi @ILoveThunkable and @Sivagiri_Visakan
thanks for a great extention. i use it in one of my application which i created using appybuilder.

i have some problem,

  1. if i use webview only, i can upload file but i can’t download file
  2. if i use your extended webviewer extension, i can download file but i can’t upload file

can you help me, soif i use your extended extension i can do both upload and download file

kind regards


Thanks @ILoveThunkable For creating this awesome extension… :heart_eyes:

But some how does require Permissions like WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE or READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE .

Thanks In advance… :slight_smile:


For downloading files that is a required permission.


I am accessing one website which have Social Media Login Enabled (Login with Facebook and Login with Gmail) - But as per new policy Google is not allowing login in WebView

I have integrated “WebViewTools - Version 6 - RELEASE” and prepared following blocks

User agent i used is =
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.189 Safari/537.36

But when i ran the AI component connection i see following error

Argument #2 ([email protected]) to ‘com.LukeGackle.WebViewTools.SetWebViewer(com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.WebViewer)’ has wrong type (com.LukeGackle.WebViewTools) (expected: com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.WebViewer)

And even the Gmail login is not working ahead (same error 403: Disallowed User Agent)

My Blocks are


you should use a Webviewer component in the SetWebViewer method and not a WebViewTools component


молодец отличная работа. А можно будеть скачать файл в указааную папку?


this community unfortunately does not offer a translate button…
you might get more answers if you ask in English…


Precisa de todo esse processo para conseguir baixar um arquivo através do webviewer?
Sou novo nessa área, e preciso apenas habilitar a função de download, para que ao clicar em links de download nas paginas visualizadas, seja capaz de obter o arquivo.

Agradeço desde já ajuda.


I searched the internet and could not find how to install this extension that ends with .aix. Could someone tell me how to install it?


See the App Inventor Extensions document about how to use an App Inventor Extension.


Hi… thanks for your great work.
Is there any chance to use the setDomStorageEnabled method in your webviewe tool?
Thanks in advance


even if you do not use it anymore, the application requires permission, what do I do?


Instead of requesting permission at the beginning of the application, you could not just leave it when you were downloading the file, and the notifications as well. Thank you for your work.