[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension



Can you type the list of links you have on your site, so I can make this work for you… PM me the AIA and the links you have


check this link bro that is my site and in every post there is external link for download with linkshrink link

and external links like


Send me AIA, and I will add the feature in your blocks.



click the download but not start downloading.please again upload.Thanks


Everything works, try to use other browser.


Hi all,

I make an app. I designed a button. when connected to the internet. click button open another screen. Another screen using a web viewer will be open YouTube page. When cannot connect to the internet show a notification. As No Internet Connection.

I designed blocks. when cannot connect to the internet click the button show notification but connect to the internet click the button another screen is not open.

can you help me with where the problem is



Tried it. I’m still getting the same issue :frowning:


I’m Not Able To Upload any Project & Any Extension . Error Occured Notification Shown Whenever I tried To Upload Something … Kindly Guide Me



Is it possible to download a file in the root directory or in a directory out of /Download?


you always can move the file to a directory of your choice using the file extension and its Move method


I found how do it.

Knowing file is downloaded in /Download folder, we have to add “…/” to filename tag inside call.ExtendedWebVieweb1.DownloadFile.


In the same way we can download the file into another folder or create a new folder with “…/newfolder/yourName.bin”


It’s okay, but you can download with this only .bin files


read the whole history of threads…still cant understand how to create progress bar of during downloading process…tried this block but its not working on my phone.
Kindly help
or provide some aia file in which download progress bar is shown


how to change download file name …
plz help me


You’re supposed to keep all inputs on the .DownloadFile block blank with a text block besides the Url, in which you please a textbox with the Url


Btw, most times Google Drive Urls don’t correctly work… Use Firebase Storage as your hoster.


I wish to create an mobile app for my responsive web site. But I wish to allow users to access it through only my app (not from any other device desktop/ laptop)
Is it possible to specify SECRET USER AGENT in mobile app some where in web view , so only user of my mobile app will be able to visit content of the site.
To block users from visiting my website from desktop/laptop .
i will restrict (by .htaccess) all other and will only allow SECRET USER AGENT (specified in app). You may need to use extension WebViewExtension from (https://puravidaapps.com/extensions.php).

Do you provide services to make .aia files for Thunkable / App Inventor?


I have just discovered this fantastic extension after spending over a week tearing my hair out trying to get downloading working! is there any way, if setting it to download apk files, that it can open them to install, or does that still need to be done manually? for example, if I download an apk with Chrome it shows a little notification on the screen to say download is complete and link in that notification to open the file. Is there a way to do this with this extension?


this block not viewing clearly, please send me clear screenshot for me.


how can i download extended webviewer.aix