[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension



You don’t need to change user Agent to download a file.
the user agent is to recognize the device that the device is mobile or a desktop


i just have one thing to know that to change the view we need to fill full text you have send or just one from it like to change the view i just need (Chrome/66.0.3359.126) or full text you have sended please reply


How can I fix this issues I am facing then? Downloading image files is normal, but when it comes to other file extensions like apk, dng, mp3, the filenames I am getting is .bin.


Please help me, I’m still facing this issue wherein whenever I download files, the filename just like this (sample) “123456789abcd.bin” instead of the filename came from the server (GDrive).


But it is working fine for me let me test it in GD


Oh really? I tried the aia file and compiled it to apk and tried downloading but the same result. How did you manage to do it?


I hv used empty string for everything i hv just used get url for url


hello .
im new to thunkable ,im trying to build my website webview app and i want to open all other external links which not belongs to my website to default browser can anybody help me to build block with extended webview or activity starter? i will be thanksfull to you guys


Only check the “use external browser” checkbox and make sure “follow links” is enabled


hello valaki i already tried this if i checked use external browser it will ask me to open whole my website in external browser at startup of app


When user write a web page, check if start with your domain, example http://yourdomain.com, if true create a WebViewer, else open with other browser.
To create WebViewer by code:


can i use it with extended weview with onloading started or onloading finished can u give me complte block plz


The Download File URL is to be set by you… Mime Type, userAgent, contentDisposition, can be a blank Text Block… The filename also will not be needed as it will be detected automatically. Btw, I noticed you used @Valaki_52’s User Agent, try mine. That may be your problem as I never saw a User-Agent with WOW64 inside it.


im not getting u sorry can u please give me block for it with example


That’s wasn’t to you, it’s ok… I was replying to another person.


its ok but can u help me to make block to open external browser for only external link if website


Are you saying, you wanna have a link from the Webviewer in your app open to Chrome? Or just stay inside your browser?


i havent created any buttom or link inside app i only have my website link in webview and i want alll my links related to my website should open within app and all other website links should open in external browser bro


That’s not possible… You can make it so any other links other than from your website that are clicked will be opened in Chrome.


bro im searching for last 8 days but yet i do found nothing but i found one suggestion may work but dont know how to make block for it
here is the solution
Techy_GuyMar 9

its easy bro. use the extended web viewer extension and use these methods.
When web viewer start loading if url does not contains your website home url then call activity launcher to open android default browser and open that url.
Sorry i cant make a sample blocks to explain you.