[Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension



@Barreeeiroo made a big tutorial for that.


You can use WebViewer.String property.


Hi @ILoveThunkable, great extension as always ! Is it possible to use this extension together with the WebViewer Dialog extension made by you ? In my app I would like to use this webviewer dialog, but in conjuction with the download blocks from here.

Thank you again for your work.


Great Extension but I am not able to make it work…! Can you make a small tutorial as to how to use webview and extended webview together ??
I don’t want the download option. I just need to display a loading bar from the moment when webview starts loading to the moment when webview finished loading.


Hello! Thank you for your compliments. Sorry, but no, it is not possible to use it with Dialog extension, but yiu can say which features, you would like me to implement to that extension. Thanks.


Hello, before starting using any of method, event or property, you have to set WebViewer property to WebViewer component.


just add the name of the folder in the filename

this will create the folder [dwnhere]

it works for me.


how can i use this block?

i set it like this and dont work:


Use if [[get [progress]] less then [99]]... that should work and use if [[get [progress]] greater than [99]]...

EDIT: Also make sure to put [set […] . [visibility] to [true]] in the less than/ not equal to IF Statement.


First you have to use WebViewer property & set your web viewer…


Or you can do this:


i set it like this now:

donwloads the file but dont show the progress


If I am correct, the OnProgressChanged is for loading the page, not for showing download progress


ok thanks.


@Lml_DLGdo Yes, he is right. Although, try to set ShowNotification to true.


What i need is download progress


@Lml_DLGdo So? ShowNotification shows a notification with progressbar like in Chrome.


@ILoveThunkable Hey, I used your extension to create loading bar for my app and it’s working great. Is there any way to give users the option to save passwords for websites just like in browsers so that users doesn’t have to login each time by typing their password?


Currently no, but I can add it to to-do list.
P.S: @Sivagiri_Visakan helped me to make this extension.


puoi usare il metodo inject di @Taifun http://puravidaapps.com/inject.php