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https://community.thunkable.com/t/extended-web-viewer-extension/4564/35?u=ilovethunkable [Donation Link](https://www.paypal.me/Moliata)

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Perhaps users can couple up with my ExtraComponents Extension to show a progress bar as the page loads, similar to what is seen on Google Chrome.


Amazing :clap::clap::clap:

I will implement it as soon as possible in ChatAble when chat loads with ProgressNotifier in Dialogs extension from @Helios :yum:


@ILoveThunkable Can you build similar extension for the Audio Player component? Especially the on progress change thing


@Brainwork, yea sure, just give more details. I will add it to my Extension List. Right now, this is my list:

  • Background tasks extension (I will definitely make it :laughing:, right now I am working on it)

  • Chronometer extension

  • Sensors extension (Brings 5 new sensors)


Ok, so I finally managed to get a solution. I think I will make a Background Tasks extension.
Check this out: Background Tasks extension


That would be one of the biggest Extension of the day. can’t wait


Check link, I posted 1 reply before.


I’m having problems with it

I have those blocks, but the Dialog dissapears before loading the page


@barreeeiroo, OnProgressChanged works perfectly, I will try to copy your blocks to mine & test everything!


@barreeeiroo which of the dialog? is it the on progress dialog from @Helios Extension ; the one that can show the progress in real time %??


I finally fixed using this blocks:


Succesfully implemented on #chatable :muscle:


Can you add a file downloading feature? :slight_smile:


There is no need. Check out @Domhnall tutorial.




Hi, I’m really interested in your chronometer extension, would there still be a need for a clock component?.



Sorry, for now I am working on “Tasks” extension (background processes), only like after 2-3 week, I will be able to work on Chronometer extension, but not for now.


No problem, your task extension is even higher on my wish list!