[Free] Enhance.co Extension :)



Want to use other Ad company?
its been a while guys now i’m back

If you don’t want to use extension check this tutorial

Download the zip file and you will get the extension


And credits to : 7 Star Media

Tutorial:How to use Enhance.co to enhance our App

But the size of the app will increase 2-3 times. I enhance one of my app of size 3mb and after enhancing it, it’s size becomes 15mb.

And one more thing, that “enhance extension” lacks lots of features which are important for many of us. Like no adleft, adload, adfailed to load, etc blocks are missing. So in my opinion, one thunkbale, appy builder, etc should implement that feature like they implement admob. Bcoz lots of us use different ad networks for different need.


You said if you don’t want to use extension, then check this tutorial. But I didn’t see any tutorial in which enhance extension is not used :thinking:


oh I see