[Free] Easily to detect if your app is connected - Internet CHECK



Free for all especially for the people who think I’m bad man


return True if you are connected to internet

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aix file:


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thank you dear Andres


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I have updated the Subject of this post to Internet CHECK. It will easier to search in the forums.

Thanks for this useful extension.



Thanks for the extension.
What’s the logic behind? Does it ping a server?


This extension is used for Internet connection check on the phone. If internet connection is successful it returns = true / else = false


uena extensión, pero no funciona en Makeroid.io , no me deja arrastrarlo.


I have tested in Thunkable it works fine.


Makeroid already offers a network components
which has this function so no extension is needed.


SI que funciona en Makeroid, solo que no aparece la foto. Gracias.


could you give me example block using your extension, please


i used this block but can’t work.
please help me master



:slight_smile: add bloc gotohome


I use it like this
Screenshot from 2018-02-24 17:42:22


I have one problem.
When i turn on battery saver mode. The result is always false.
Please help me