[Free]djVibrate extension

This is just a very small one,
I made it , because I needed it myself and the [Free]Vibrate extension from Sander wasn’t reachable, link is broken.
It has just 2 methods:
com.django.Vibrate.aix (5.8 KB)


Hi everyone.

I tried using this extension along with AppyBuilder and, for some reason, it vibrates only for a little time (less than 15 seconds). Even if it is programmed for more than that.


If you could, please, download this app, and tell me if it’s working as it is supposed to.
Maybe the problem is my Android deprecated version. It would be nice.


Please show your blocks. There must be something wrong. On my phone it also vibrates up to15 secs. Android 7.0. Did you try my Funtools app as I suggested in the pm on the other Forum? Because there my extension is working fine

Here are all my blocks on AppyBuilder.


There are others, but they are only about ads.

So as you can see here I just have a button (Button1) that when clicked vibrates the phone and starts a gif loop. And when clicked again stops both.

I’ve downloaded your app, but I couldn’t verify if it is working because my vibration is not working on that device. I’ll try later on another.

Could you show me your blocks on Funtools also?


I tested my extension in 3 builders and you are right. For me vibration stops after about 10 seconds no matter what input time. I am a little bit lost at the moment, because when I made this extension, I remember everything worked fine. Funny thing is, that in my FunTools app it is still working as it should.
this is a snippet from my app.

As you can see, I triggered the start of vibration via the orientation sensor. So whenever you roll the phone, in this case the “flex-tool” (grinder) to the side, vibration starts and continues 20 secs till you roll your phone back. ( I don’t want to stress the vibration motor on phones too hard, so I decided to let it vibrate max 20 secs. Also vibration may take lots battery power)
As i said I am lost. Maybe someone else has an idea.

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I’ve tested this natively using Java on Android Studio and the problem remains.
It is an Android native limitation.
Probably to preserve the motor vibrator from stress, like Django suggested.