[Free] DialogAnyThing


This is the first truly complete and convenient custom Dialog on AppInventor&Thunkable.It’s very easy to use,and the aix is very small(6.7kb).But it implement a visual Dialog design.

For example:


As you can see from the figure, it has a small amount of code, but it is really visual.And it can be perfectly integrated with any other View extension, such as ColinTreeListVIew, CameraViewer, Scene3D and more.

cn.zzq.Dialog.aix (6.5 KB)

Layering components
Extension "EasyDialog" not found
Thunkable - Image Popup
Component on top of each others

Nice extension, i tried it just yet. I like the small dialog that appears.

There is another dialog extension that uses the same name DialogAny. I get a conflict when i use both of them in the project. Maybe you can change the name.

I use also the android themes extension.

With that extension i can set the theme to light. But that doesn’t work on your extension, it stays dark.


Nice Work!


very good,how to change the button text?


Really works and helpful extension


Excellent job.


why if i set height and width :point_down: :point_down:



is showing like this? :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


You should set it to its parent layout in the Dialog extension, and all properties are determined by the child.


Add another Arrangement and set it to the size you want.

Without additional Arrangement:

With additional Arrangement:


Zhangzqs, can you do this effect with this extension?


an error is coming while importing this extension


Hello @Zhangzqs

First thanks for the extension.
My problem is I want to use 2 HorizontalArrangements to show dialog one by one.
For 2 I’m using SetArrangement block but after some times its shows an error

“Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘void android.view.ViewGroup.removeView(android.view.View)’ on a null object reference”

How to solve this or I have to use 2 extensions(dialog1 and dialog2)

Thanks again for the awesome extension


Did you get to make this effect?