[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView

Thanks for the video.

Would you mind sharing the project file for this example. It will be helpful for community.

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you can down load project this link .aia


Thanks for your contribution.

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Thanks! you can post a tutorial how to use ColinTreeListViewElement?

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sir can u give me the .aia file i want to show the block part

Thanks for the video.

Would you mind sharing the project file for this example. It will be helpful for community.


I used the “GetElement” method but it is disabled by default. I enabled it, but when I reload my project it is disabled again. can someone help me? Thanks

Hi @ColinTree I upgraded your extension. Thank you for the improvements you’ve made. The lastclicked element now starts from 1 but the lastclicked icon still starts from 0. I hope you will fix it :slight_smile:

@LIKE_IOT i cun’t read u’r message …

Thank you great list extension.
One problem: with the Custom ListView is behind and the floating button on, often the list button works and the floating button does not work. Is this a solution?

Wow its great

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great work this one, I had not tested it until today…

quick question: is it possible to show only the Text and SubText without any icon?

nevermind I have found it…

just do this

and set the following properties to Zero

I cannot figure out how to make the ColingTreeListViewElement item to appear in the extensins area…

Thanks for this post but i cant find the download link of this extension (ColinTreeListView) when i go to your website i only get ths extension (ColinTreeListViewListElement) according to your guidelines i have to import both. assist me with the link thatnks

Exactly what am looking for if you got it share the link

For those that can’t find the link, in here

in the bottom there is


following the link on the Mirror 1 you get the aix file that contains both items in the image below

Just upload the aix in your aia and enjoy… :wink:


Hi, can I change the color of ExtraButton’s text?

In some devices it’s white in other is black…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Is there a way to add 2 more extra buttons to make them 3 because i need one to use for share,thumb up and down.


Hi @ColinTree i have a question, how can I get the 2nd element in the sublist when i click on an element?

HI @ColinTree
why every time open the application this block disable ?

Did you tried it without all these errors and warnings and unconnected blocks? Because maybe the companion is just confused.