[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


and im getting this error while using the extension on thunkable…is there some solution ?


Did ypu upgrade to v9?


now i did ! it worked :smiley:


any solutions to use it on appybuilder ?


Hard but will try…


sure . thanks. take your time. still your extension is very useful for the whole developing system


Can i use a botton in list view
like this ↓


Unfortunately there is not yet the possibility to add a custom font (idea for a future update?) but you can choose a custom image so just head over to material.io/icons and download the png:

If you want another color than black or white use https://manytools.org/image/colorize-filter/ or an image editing program.

best, Chris


an update, bringing custom font (sans,serif,roboto,roboto thin) plus ttf-fonts would be interesting for me, too. beneath the smart solution using material icons, I made a lovely listview with icon-shape: oval and unicode6 elements (https://emojipedia.org/people/) . the unicode6-elements can be copied and inserted like plain text into the listview. could work for the extra button as well.

P.S.: I stole the nice design with colored Icon background and white capital letter from the thunkable community forum … uups :shushing_face:


Sir how to get elements text in list view


How to use get element text block


Sir how to save add listview element data


As i see u can actually solve your problems… please have a nice look into the document first. :smiley:


I tried to use the transparent .png icon and adjust the iconbackroundground color. Only the latter is visible. Is it possible?


I got an image file at the root directory of sdcard (test.jpg) and tried to do this:
and didn’t change the icon. Seems to put a blank icon…

What I’m doing wrong?

If I use a packaged image, works ok.


I’ve put the full path “/storage/emulated/0/” and worked.

I’ll test it when apk is build…


Is there any Custom List-Picker extension ever made? I mean I want to show list-picker item show tablewise like horizontal & vertical at the same time. Is it possible in list-picker?
Please Help.


It does not works with image file not packaged ; this block shows only last two images, which are in tha app assets, indeed it’s true that a full path like this /storage/emulated/0/ can solve the problem, at least in Companion; does someone tried with a built app?


Your paths might be wrong. Use Taifuns File extension to get the available storage paths if you use external SD or use RedPandas extension to get path to data automatically:


Thank you.