[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


  • Update on 2018.2.11 (Version 6):
    • Added properties of text height (both main- & sub-text)

Thank you @solo & @clement_pignet for advice


BTW, about

As you can see the code from appinventor(it should be same in thunkable), the percentage is shown as

so if anyone needs to set the percentage width/height, you just need to determine the width value as:
-percentage + -1000 (this is the tag.)

1% => -1001
50% => -1050

Also, other special tags for width/height are:

  • -1 auto
  • -2 fill parent (match parent)
  • -3 unknown (not recommend to use)

It is solved by https://github.com/mit-cml/appinventor-sources/pull/833
but the manager of appinventor (if codes are applied it will be also in thunkable) does not approve it.
I may try to merge this.

But it is there are investigations next week, i gotta study :joy:.


thank you and congrats for the recent update. I truely think, you are working on one of the most promising thunkable extensions here! :grinning::+1:


P.S.: I highly recommend all enthusiastic users of this extension to set the TextHeight and the SubTextHeight to -1. Although it is not possible to do so in the Design Section, one could easily do that in the Blocks-Section in an Initialize.Screen-Component.


amigo como posso usar um item da lista para abrir um navegador?
friend how can I use a list item to open a browser?

You’re welcome @ColinTree

Thank you very much for your efforts to improve this extension :slight_smile:

As you know, there is a elementIndex value, and it reflects to the elements that you click. So just check the index of the element and put it into the box.

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Sir how to get select value From index after element click

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Hello nandu,

I guess, you want to get the subtext, or the imagepath of a clicked element. Maybe this example helps you:

cheers User81

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Great thank you very much…

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Obrigado ajudou

agora esta dano esse erro alguem sabe como resolver

please disable or delete the purple blocks of webviewer and spreadsheats to see if this is an issue of Listview or maybe an issue that is better placed in another thread in the forum :thinking:

I think this should not be mine error. Please post the details into another thread and we would like to look into it for you. :smile:

  • Update on 2018.2.25 (Version 7) THANK YOU @User81 FOR SPONSORING:
    • Fixed that lastClickedElement starts from 0
    • Fixed that images that cached by a same path would act wired when one of them is clicked
    • Added a extra button
    • Added property handler for every single element of the listview → useage

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That new extra button is extra top!!!

But… how can we make it not visible ? :blush:

You mean for some of them but not all of them?

For all of them,
In my app I actually do not need it… but this mean for me to use the old version

Then you dont need to do any thing, as the ExtraButtonEnabed is false for default

I just set the color to none and Enaled not check, but I still see the round margin of the button.

thx to @ColinTree!
first look seems fine. I cannot reproduce the remaining circles. the extrabutton vanishes, when I set the color to white or the extra button width to zero