[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView

I’m using your extension for a side menu, and there’s this problem: Clicking on the element does not work, it only works if you click on or under the element. Click on the perfect tah icon.

I tried to do everything I could on the property but I did not get a solution.

Can you help me?

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Oh ı miss it i will try again

Did you upgrade the extension? That maybe a old one. If the problem still there, please tell me :pray:

Thanks work perfectly

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Yes, I’m using v5.

Okay… Which side menu you are using?

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I’m using Vertical Arrangement. there is no other extension attached to the process, the question there, would be that I am using only the icon and the title. Then for some reason click the word does not perform any action, except by clicking on the places of the screeshot that I sent.

I tested the extension without being on the side menu the same thing happens.

I’ve just tried your new update and the LastclickedElement works perfectly. Thank you very much for this wonderful extension @ColinTree

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@ColinTree I had the same problem when I used the extension on appybuilder but it works without problems on thunkable.

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Well, that is so weird…


Got new idea about unclickable labels. Is the label component there got a Click event?

@ColinTree I’m making a listview of 60 elements with pictures and when I open the app it crashes. I could fix the problem by resizing the pictures but the problem is that the app is still a little bit laggy and the pictures are unpixelated. Is there anyway to solve this problem please? And why is the text size of the elements limited to 14?

Well, I didnot limit the font size actually… It was kind of limited by the widget size. And the OOM problem in appinventor-based platforms is quite hard to solve. Cuz in the core of image processing, It is required to be copied for many times so that it can adapt the the ‘device density’. Unless i rewrite that method, and design another way to adapt, the only way to solve is to reduce the image sizes.

I understand you but it’d be great if you could find someway to fix this problem because now people who want to use your extension should have a limited number of elements with pictures if they want their app to work without problems. Anyway, thank you for your efforts @ColinTree you really do a great job :slight_smile:

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Hi @ColinTree

This extension is still awesome !
What about ?

You answered

But I can’t find how to do it !

Other question : I want my fontsize to be bigger, but if I add a subText, then my text is cut on the middle… (Is there a way to adjust the Text Height? If i change the element Height, it do not change anything)

Thank you for your work!!

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Ahh, I forgot to add that.
Sorry I will do this in days.
About the fontsize, I will try to make the available height a little bit more. :wink:


i try set icon shape with rounded but display icon still default. i have get value in my web.

Pleanse @ColinTree you can help me…thanks for awesome your extension

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That is same as the button in thunkable, It is hard to solve for me.

Hi I trying to combine your list view with firebase but I can’t when I add the list with image, title and subtitle it don’t work. Have any example??

Did you try Async Load Image? It is the first property.