[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView

I know what should I do.
And I will.

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Another suggesion if we can draw a text over image we can use one image as background image and draw texts(numbers) over image so we can use art image and use it for background for each number.with these option we can create modern looking desing.But simple background color is enought :slight_smile:


Yep it will be possible cuz the icon is actually a button, and I just need to add properties to the listview which linking to the properties of the button, like font size, text & shape.

Okay I will check it out.

Good morning everyone, as already mentioned above, I have a problem, I have in my app 5 screens, where in the second it displays a list with names of several students, when selecting from the list 1 item it should open screen 4 with another list of about 53 items where a student’s data will be updated through this listview. my problem is that I can not carry the student’s name between screens and I can not also update data in the firebase of the selected students. can you help me?

You are right but I can’t use the ElementIndex out of ElementClick event in a Clock event for example!

Then store it with a variable! Or maybe you are requiring a Selection property, is that correct…?

I want to be able to use the ElementIndex in other blocks like the Selectionindex of the normal listview. ElementIndex can only be used inside Click Element block unlike the SelectionIndex of the normal listview that can be used in other blocks such as Clocks etc

Can you show me how to store with a variable please?

When Selected, set index to global variable, then use this variable as the global Selection Index.

I tried but it didn’t work. Can you please post a picture of the blocks of this solution?

Don’t need to :smile:
New version on the way

New version released~

  • Update on 2018.1.31 (Version 5):
    • Added icon text related properties
    • Added lastClickedElement & lastClickedIcon

Thank you for the advise & requirement @Ali_Aydin @solo



Hey @ColinTree . Your work is awesome! From my point of view, you are only a few steps away from a perfect material design listview. I’m sure you know Googles guidelines for listview: https://material.io/guidelines/components/lists.html#

This would fill a huge gap, because the normal listview component is very pure.

keep on thunking,

there are date mistek Last update 2017.12.30 (v5) ?

may I make a little suggestion: the LastClickedElement (nice to have this!) counts the first entry in the list as “0” (=zero). I list the entries also in a list variable, and there my first element index is 1, an the “0” is reserved for not in list.
But this is only a very little thing and I am comfort with doing an easy workaround. :wink:

EDIT: Actually the RemoveElement Component needs a “1” for removing the first element. So I always use a Math block: [LastClickedElement + 1] :+1:

ah and FontSize for Text and Subtext is limited to a maximum of 14… so I have to buy the custom version :smile:


I use image.png||number but its not work

Did you check IconMultiParam?

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Will fix later, i was hurrry to catch th
he plane :joy:

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Sure, thanks

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