[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


I added the results of my select in the list view, know if I have how to mount something with rows and columns there? For example appears [1, apple, food, 10] have like each in a column? I ask about the standard listview or the custom listview


eso mismo busco, al cargar todas las imágenes se detiene la aplicación por falta de memoria. ¿como se solucionaría esto?


Me temo que no hay solución, o por lo menos eso se comentó en su momento.
Necesitas usar otra extensión que se comporte mejor si tienes muchisimos elementos.

I am afraid there is no solution, or at least that was commented.
You need to use another extension if you have a lot of elements (+100 elements).


You can access the elements of a list through their indexes.

In your case, you have index 1,2,3 and 4


It was working before. I was able to retrieve data from MySql and display in listview. For some reason, it has started to print me this error. I don’t remember changing anything in thunkable code. Just in SQL table, which I added more collumns.
image image

Any idea what could wrong?


it probably does not make sense to look for an empty string, does it?


Is it possible to get json data from external mysql php and build a list with icon. please any one share block sample too.


I have set empty, so the icon would be blank. no picture. I tried adding a word or an image and it stills fail
image image image


it seems to be, your pairs list is in JSON format? you might want to first convert it into a list of lists and then try again



I found the issue. It was with the Mysql table. When I created the table, I had set Collation to latin1_swedish_ci. And these passed days I changed 1(one) collumn to utf8_unicode_ci. And this made all the mess. I changed back to latin1_swedish_ci and it is working again.


Yes. it is possible. Now that I solved my issue I can share a few blocks.
These are some block so you can start.
You will have to to set the URL of your php query and set the collumns of your mysql table


brother please tell me how to use Colin tree list view for for this

Download pdf files option without using any webviewer are extend webviewer

tengo menos de 20, pero la lista se va actualizando cada vez que se selecciona un item con nuevos elementos, pero pues seria muy bueno que solucionaran ese detalle, grandiosa extensión pero limitante.