[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


Thank you in advance for your work
In my project, I want to make a list of images with titles, from firebase, but when I start the app I get an error message:

The operation select list item can not accept the arguments:, [bacalado.jpg], [(bacalado.jpg callos.png)]

I do not know why this happens
As if I did not have access to the photos, you can help me


hello how can i set a image as extra button i the block editor with the element view block. Because if i use the block, nothing happend, If i put the img in the desgn block, the extra button show the image what i took.

I dont know how to show the image in the extra btton with the block in the block editor. PLs help me


I did use a extension to get the path of the wanted file automatic but this make no changed for me. Nothing work, i cannot set a image for the extra button with the block editor. Bc i wanted to change the img if a user makes a long click on the extra button.
The same thing work for color and text, but not for a image. I dont know what is wrong.

As i told the png image file can be loaded in the designer screen but the blocks editor dont do that and i dont knwo why. Sopls help


Should be doable for customised Listviews :joy:


Yes, but with customised version :blush: please understand that it is not required by everyone so I would not add it in this component


Element index should be a number here, not the element content. (That is a list operating error, not this component’s please discuss this is a new thread!)


Are you setting this via ColinTreeListViewElement component? It would works here.


“shut up an take my money” (cit) then :smiley:


how should someone be able to help you without you providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?



yes i used the seperate component and work in Kodular, maybe there is the problem. I tested it around a half day with no result.

You can put in a picture in the designer screen but not in the block editor and i tried a lot. I tried it with the complete path, with the taifun component for path to asset and so on but make no different you dint see a picture. Pls make a look on this this feature is important, it makes the list a bit more inmteractive if you have a extra button and if you make a long click on it you put the elemt in a list and get a new image if the elelmt is added. YOu make a second long click and you get the old add picture.


you might want to read the documentation about how and when to use this method…


i took that component to bc nothing work to change the extra button image, so i thought i have a error in the path.


Let’s open a new thread for your issue, remember to @ me when the thread is created & ready to be helped :smile: