[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


Firstly thanks for this nice plugin. The problem is:

adding a list 10 lengths with “set list”
after add a list 6 lengths
4 items remain from the first list


This is a general response to anyone who wants extra spaces for subtext:
Please just set text height and some other height to -1, and it would become an auto height component

@Nanda_Rahmawan @Gustavo_Niederauer


please help me sir, headache :menangis:


I dunno what help I need to provide here… What is the issue here? I can’t even imagine an issue that may related to this component in your code image.


i want like this, give me example block.


It’s not really appropriate to discuss this here in this thread because it is “how to use this extension” but not “I got an issue/bug here in this extension” or “you can add this into your extension”
In your case, you need to fetch all data that the other screen need from the listview and send it via screen start value.
For further question, please open a new public thread or PM me to ask for help instead of sending more post here.
Thanks for your cooperation. :blush:


Dumb question: is it possible to have textboxes instead of text?


Hi guys , I couldnot find answer. Where I can take number of elementindex(where I can check index of element)? Its too difficult for me.I watched all videos on youtube but I couldnt do it. Please help, I need to open another directory then I click on the element.


this problem has been solved thanks @ColinTree


V10 It’s good
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I never used Colin extension, but if you delete the first block on the right , "link to element " , it should work


Bhai mujhe ish app ka AIA doge


AIA give please


Sir mujhe ishki AIA or extension chahiye sir plz

Sir me ish ki AIA or extension buy karna chaha tahu plzzzz


i need two extra buttons, is that possible to implement pls.


Hi Collin I have app where in i am adding elements as favourite to the fav list (another collin tree list view). when added i am changing the colour. but after app is restarted the colour changes to default colour. can you help me pls


you have to safe the color in tiny db


Hi I tried that. But the problem is first list is loaded from firebase and only favorite extra button element colour should be changed. And other element extra button colour should be default colour. How can i do that